If you wish to play games of the Globalslots Deluxe platform:

use the link reference to a game client for your operating system, download the file on your device and launch it. All games and their updates will be downloaded at the first launch of the client.

If you wish to launch games of the Globalslots Deluxe system in your game hall:
download and install the game client for your operating system
for installation of games and their subsequent updates;

Contact the system administrator (via the help-line at the bottom of the screen or by e-mail in the "contacts" section) to receive login and test access;
Using the received login follow the link to administration page and log in for control of halls, terminals, parameters of return, viewing of statistics, addition of funds to players, etc.

Download the "cash desk" program for input and output of funds from game terminals.
If in doubt, please contact our system technical support.